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Marvellous Mittens

It seems a bit strange to be posting something about mittens in the middle of summer, but there just seemed to be an abundance of photos about mittens that I haven’t done anything with and, since I do love a theme, I thought I’d add them all here together.

These are a pair of mittens that I made over the course of 3,000 years, using a free pattern that I downloaded from Ravelry (thank you very much to the Rebecca Averill). The pattern is here textured_mitts.


These are the mittens that Rana made in about 15 minutes. I’m not sure what pattern she used, but being infinitely better at crochet than me, they came out all nice and mitten-like. We’ll have to ask Rana what pattern she used.



Below are the mittens that smarty-pants Isabelle made out of an old jumper in 15 minutes. I tried to copy this idea but the mittens came out looking so ugly that I don’t have any pictures of them, thank goodness.

Step 1: find an old unoccupied jumper sleeve

Step 1: find an old unoccupied jumper sleeve


Step 2: Fold back and sew in a thumb separator

Below are the oven mittens that Trish made recently.  They are so stocky (and heat resistant we hope) that they can stand up by themselves. 


Podgy oven mitts


Free-standing mitt

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