Stitch and Bitch Amman

I don’t Bolivia!

This is the long-awaited story of a blanket that began its life in Amman and has now found its happy home in Bolivia (I don’t Bolivia).

In Alex’s words:

This is a long overdue contribution to Stitch & Bitch, which I have been promising to make for ages. 

During my time at S&B I spent most of my time bitching but I did start a project after having an inspiring holiday in Iceland, a country where one can buy tons of wool in a petrol station next to the popcorn and the mars bars, why not, purchasing wool at any time of the day or night can seem like essential to some in this world. 

It was therefore time to start an almighty blanket. I picked two colors and started knitting squares (something i thought i could handle). Once I had finished the squares and realized they were all different sizes (hum hum), I decided to crochet the sides to makes them equal. I then put them all together into blanket. As the end of the project finally approached (1 year later… no comment) it also coincided with the birth of my daughter, i therefore decided to double the blanket with some fleece to make it nice and soft for her to have…
Overall starting with squares may have seemed like a good idea, but it ended up being much more time consuming in the long run, especially when one is unable to make equal. I therefore advise any followers to be courageous, and go for the real thing. 
Hope you enjoy my epic story and I will probably post another one in a year. blanket

Little Anais enjoying the Icelandic wool

Little Anais enjoying the Icelandic wool

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