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The Story of Nancy’s shawl… in Nancy’s words

Close up - Nancy's shawl

Close up – Nancy’s shawl

I saw this shawl already made in a little shop in North Carolina three years ago and fell in love with it. The name of the book that the pattern is in is No wool for me, it’s written by a woman who is allergic to wool and all the patterns are made from cotton, silk or bamboo. Being someone who prefers crocheted to knitting (because you don’t really have to pay too much attention to it) it took me another year to start the project. After hours of knitting and ripping out and starting again, I finally got the hang of the pattern. I made it with an organic cotton that the lady at the yarn shop assured me would look just like the one in the book. After the shawl was about halfway complete I was so dismayed that it indeed, did not,  look like the picture I almost ripped it out but instead decided to take it to my local yarn shop and she encouraged me to keep on and wait until the blocking stage. So another year passed…. I dragged it to Jordan, Toronto, DC, Oregon, Washington and back to North Carolina again. Finally the time came for the blocking miracle…. and behold ! Imagine my delight when I unfolded my treasure and it did look just like the picture, aahh the wonder of blocking ! I’ve already started on my second one which I’m doing in a variegated silk of blues and greens, quite lovely too. Let me know if you would like a copy of the pattern.3 1

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One thought on “The Story of Nancy’s shawl… in Nancy’s words

  1. Jeanne on said:

    Beautiful! And so elegant. I had to look up blocking … why have I not been doing this already?
    Would love the pattern if you have time. Many thanks in advance!

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