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Wrapping up for winter

You can never have too many blankets, or tire of making more. 

Inspired by a felted wool project on , and realizing that there were still at least 15 jumpers not being made use of (Trish is the only one currently in competition for the jumpers) I decided to make a second felted wool blanket:

So, the plan goes something like this:

1. Cut up squares of felted wool using magic cutting gizmo and template (much neater than last project – already very proud of myself)

2. Pin them together NEATLY (all too much)

3. Sew – by this time neatness is allowed to go out of the window

4. Cut up more squares when calculations turn out to be wrong















Done (ish)























Trish is the only other competitor for the felted wool in the house, but progress on that is gentle, so we’ll have time to get down to Abdali Market for more jumpers. 


Trish at work on her blanket









My last felted wool project turns out to be mostly felted cashmere. We’re so spoiled by Abdali market 






The squares were roughly whip-stitched together with embroidery thread. Not the most exciting project, but one that I appreciate the most when sitting in front of the TV in an unheated house. 

IMG_0014 IMG_0019







Anne is also working on a blanket, knitting together the wool from the cut up jumpers  that Winkie left behind, but this blanket is destined for some Syrian refugees in Mafraq. 


And our collective project is sewing together knitted squares that were sent from all over the world to make blankets for some Syrian refugees. This is the initiative of a lovely lady who has convinced people from as far away as Australia to knit squares and send them to  us in Jordan to put together. 


That’s enough about blankets for one post, I think.

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One thought on “Wrapping up for winter

  1. Ivy Nasir on said:

    Wonderful! I have just made such a blanket and I appreciate yours. Very pretty indeed. I am tempted to come back to Stitch and Bitch in spite of the late hours and difficult stair. An inspiring blog indeed,

    Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 12:25:02 +0000 To:

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