Stitch and Bitch Amman

Farewell to Sarah

Its been forever since the last stitch and bitch post, and that’s down to a number of reasons, none of them very forgiveable, but reasons nonetheless: I’ve been busy working (read pretending to work); I haven’t been very inspired recently; and also I didn’t have a camera.  But two out of three of the above were remedied and with the new camera, we documented.

Last Tuesday was Sarah’s last stitch and bitch. So this is a farewell to the speediest crochet master in Amman, who managed to turn this:


Note: 4 bands of colour making up this scarf

into this:

Now 11 bands of colour

Now 11 bands of colour

 In only 6 months! Its a miracle. 

An unparalleled crocheter, who also produced the most amazing granny square I’ve ever seen which looked more like a fluffy cloud than a granny square, and I think will become a really impressive blanket. Must be down to that bizarre backhand hooking technique of hers. 


Sarah, we will miss you.  Send us photos of the development of the slowest scarf in the world, and other exciting projects that keep you distracted from earthquakes. 

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