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A Rubens by a Ruben

According to Wikipedia, Peter Paul Rubens was known for his “extravagant Baroque style that emphasised movement, colour, and sensuality”.  And I can’t think of a better way to describe the beautiful hand-knitted and crocheted blanket that Mrs Ruben makes:


I love love love the combination of colours and think I’m very lucky to own such a masterpiece.  Unfortunately the colours look a bit washed out because I used the flash.  But we can blame Ivy’s camera for that which I borrowed, having lost my own on a bet in Tunisia (that last part’s not true, but the real story is not as interesting).


And here we have a photo of Mrs Ruben mid-way through making the blanket. We used to have a video of it, but I dropped my hard drive and lost all my photos (that was a dramatic lesson in backing up in two places)


And now that I have a camera again, at least temporarily, expect to see photos of everything under the sun. Heck, I might even take some photos of the bitches on Tuesday.  Lipstick out ladies!

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One thought on “A Rubens by a Ruben

  1. Hurrah.. the blanket posted.. I LOVE those colours and have long been envious that it was on Nessie’s bed not mine. Many times thought of stealing it… I find so many crochet blankets at second hand markets where the colour choice is TERRIBLE .. all that work wasted,. If they only saw THIS blanket they would get it.. It’s all about the colour combinations.. (and thanks to senior stitch and bitc Miss ivis for teaching me that)

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