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The Art of Imitation

Imitation is a form of flattery, isn’t it? I hope so, rather than being a form of theft.  Eeeek. 

We saw a lampshade in the window of a shop in Tunis, and it looked so beautiful I thought I’d make a version for myself (See? Flattery!).  

As seen through the shop window

There are a number of old lampshades kicking around the house, which I’m very glad now that I didn’t throw out. And of course, there are piles and piles of cut up jumpers….. So with a bit of patience, its just a matter of winding wool around the struts of the lampshade, using any colour combination to hand.  The wool can be wound tightly (as I did) or more loosely (as we saw in the shop window) depending on how much light you want to see through the wool.

……. and voilà!

Not the most flattering photo, but helpful to see all the different shades of pink and red used (thanks to the bitches for their colour consultations)

In the dark, casting a very lovely light.

I quite like the scrappy edges, but I realise that some people may not. Another bitch is making a larger lampshade using red and grey. Its bound to be a lot neater.  When its finished we’ll post the pictures.

I’m considering dropping everything and going into business…..   Market survey: Would you buy one of these? 

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5 thoughts on “The Art of Imitation

  1. well impressed Nessie. Working from home certainly pays off. Haha. I’m going to try to get some halfa string from the guy (Ali Dabbas?) in Kairouan… then look out for dead light shade. Watch this space.

  2. hey bitches.. just linked to you guys on my blog:
    inspired by nessie’s lampshade

  3. It’s lovely! It looks like it casts a red glow, people may get ideas, be careful now!

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