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The Great Hat-Off

I suffer from intense crochet-envy, so having attempted to make the ‘Manly Man Hat not once, but twice, it was all too much when Rana (world-renowned queen of crochet – I should have realised what I was up against) managed to finish one off in just two sittings. Disgusting. 

Below is what my second attempt at the Manly Man Hat looks like. Its looking worryingly like a Kippah, which is not a good look for the intended receiver of this gift, and has been in this state for at least 2 weeks. I doubt its going to progress….

And now for Rana’s hat:

After five minutes……. Notice the printed instructions. It really is called the Manly Man Hat.

Ta da! Apparently its all about the type of wool….

Unfortunately the wool ran out before the peak could be made and attached, so instead  with the help of some old crocheted flowers that were kicking around, the manly man hat was transformed….

The Manly Man Hat becomes a womanly 1920’s cloche woman’s hat

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One thought on “The Great Hat-Off

  1. winkie on said:

    looking forward to arrival of S&B queen Nessie in Tunis … Hope she brings crochet hook.

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