Stitch and Bitch Amman

We are NOT a Victorian sewing circle……

Much as I try to impress this on everyone who comes to stitch and bitch, when half the room is doing crochet and the other half is doing embroidery, its hard to think otherwise.  So here are some examples of what we’ve been up to recently:

From the Embroidery Team, we have:

Sally and the makings of a beautiful clutch bag

Kat the trainee embroider

Christina in the cross-stitch corner (does cross-stitch count as embroidery or is it a different category entirely?)

And from the Crochet Team, we have:

Sarah and the ocean scarf

Vanessa and very slow progress on the Manly Man Hat

I think I will have to get back to toilet rolls project just to break this cycle, although winter is coming… and you can never have too many scarves after all

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7 thoughts on “We are NOT a Victorian sewing circle……

  1. Ivy Nasir on said:

    I love your photos and all the Victorian women sitting around with their embroidery frames. Don’t you know about embroidery frames you bunch? They hold your work flat and stretched and it is easier a whole bunch. And if you want to hold a quilting bee, I know how to do that too. Won’t you haveS and B at lunchtime so I can come.Ivis

    Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 06:48:18 +0000 To:

  2. winkie on said:

    why dont you all come and join me in Tunis and we set up a north africa branch. I get so jealous seeing that lovely blue square carpet.,and I note that Nessie has got nice white coordinated cushions. The second hand markets here are just as good (better?!) as Jordan, and last Sunday I was VERY tempted to start stockpiling materials for a long winter of sweater-cutting-rag-rugging….

  3. winkie on said:

    by the way, Sally I LOVE the embroidery.. great colours and you do such neat work.. (no messy threads untied at the back… no need for stern words from miss Ivis)

  4. winkie on said:

    did you see this on
    it’s like a younger lillie!

  5. Luce Allen on said:

    Just arrived in Amman, I look for shops where I can buy cross stitch material and also looking for girl friends who share the same passion!

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