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Nurturing an Obsession part 2

Hat thing

How and when did crochet become such an obsession? I blame Lillie Ris and Jeanne Revest (my first crochet teachers) and I now want to add to the list of responsible parties the internet in general and, more specifically, sites like pinterest and Ravelry for having pictures of beautiful things that I want, and that make me believe no pattern is too ambitious for me, even though I still manage to screw up the simplest of granny squares.

These are just some of the projects I want to do:

1. Gorgeous Tea Cosy from Crochet with Raymond.  Something I’m sure I’ll make to give away but will end up keeping for myself.

2. A manly man hat (from the Green Dragonfly) for my godson.  I started this, but its not looking very promising at the moment.

3. A Ladybird backpack for my goddaughter.  Found on and the pattern is here:  LW2877_0

4. Lots of different throws and blankets that I’ve seen on Ravelry or Pinterest such as this reversible afghan blanket that I found through Ravelry (obviously I would use nicer colours)

5. Cowls. Lots of them.  I’ve seen lots of pictures (like the one below from pinterest that I want want want) but haven’t found a good pattern yet. Anyone know where I can find a good pattern?

Where, oh where, to start?

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5 thoughts on “Nurturing an Obsession part 2

  1. They’re all lovely, but the ladybird back pack really is very cute! =D

  2. winkie on said:

    hey nessie.. post a picture of the throw on your bed.. it’s the item that inspired me the most.. plus tell the story of who made it ..

  3. I love seeing all the leftover yarns that I made blankets with being used ! That deep purple was from Ivy’s quilt that Sirria washed and it became a very small mat for Muffin !

    • I was wondering where all that yarn came from. We have a tiny ball of that gorgeous soft purple left, and I used it to make part of a hat for one of the bitches who’s expecting. I’ll have to ask Ivy about muffin’s mat. I’ve never know a dog with so many soft places to sleep.

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