Stitch and Bitch Amman

Why don’t we crochet ourselves a tripod?

Perhaps we’re a little bit too ambitious, or perhaps we’re a little over-confident with our crochet abilities, but given that we couldn’t take a good photo of the latest finger puppet – a turtle – crocheting ourselves a tripod seemed like a reasonable suggestion….. at the time.  

And maybe its not a bad thing that we couldn’t take a good picture of the turtle.  It is truly a monstrosity and not something I would wish upon any unsuspecting child.

Not only a weird triangular shell, but a strange undercarriage too

I obsessively followed the instructions sent by Jeanne so I cannot understand how it turned out so badly.  Jeanne?  Where did I go wrong?

Not like any turtle I’ve ever seen

What the turtle is supposed to look like

In the end it was much better suited as a wine bottle cosy than a finger puppet

When no tripod is available, use the nearest thing to hand. Obviously a crocheted tripod would have done a much better job of keeping still.

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4 thoughts on “Why don’t we crochet ourselves a tripod?

  1. Jeanne La Tarzane on said:

    OK, so for some bizarre reason that I have yet to fathom, there are two different sets of crochet terms, American and British … and while most of us learn and use the US terms, the finger puppet patterns are in British. In this case, this means that what they call a double crochet in the pattern is what you probably know as a single crochet. Here is a link to a page that explains it and gives a conversion table –

    Sorry for the confusion! And bless you for finishing it anyway when it looked so weird – I like the bottle top idea!

    • I have to admit it was more naivety than sheer determination. When I saw that the shell had turned out so funny looking, I assumed that it would all straighten out. When the belly then also turned out strange, I just had to finish it off to show you. Had no idea there were American or British terms. No wonder my octopus looks so much bigger than yours! Glad that you cleared that up for me!

  2. I’m sitting in a hotel in Tunis looking at images of my old life in Amman.. the baskets. the paintings, the sewing machine… and am VERY pleased to see it is not much tidier than when I left. … Makes me very nostalgic. That turtle bottle stopper is GREAT… In my bag is a piece of canvas, some wool, and a needle.. If only I could get inspired, i feel a project coming on… But first, the project proposal. Some things don’t change. Keep stitchin bitches.

    • I’ve been trying to encourage some of the bitches to take up rag rugging, just to work through all the wool which has become more moth and mouse house than useful crafting resource. And what do you mean not tidy??!!

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