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Inspiration please!

Reams and reams of wool in the house (is that the right term?) of every colour and size imaginable… and subsequently millions and squillions of moths.  

Look familiar to any of you?

And so the big question is: what to do with it all?  It has to be more than just fodder for the moths.  Surely it’s destined for bigger things. 

Trawling around on the internet leads to interesting discoveries and dreams of projects that I may or may not ever complete.  So far the possible project candidates are:

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Inspiration needed!

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration please!

  1. I really like how you keep old yarn in those jars. They are already very decorative themselves!

    With so much bits of yarn around, you could maybe make a rug?

    Or perhaps a bag to hold all that yarn in?

    On another note, I think it’s skeins of wool? Ream applies to paper.

    • Skeins! Thank you. I just couldn’t think of the right word. Now I’ll be able to sleep at night.

      I like the idea of the rug, and its a good way to use up all the colours. Thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming if you have any more.

      (by the way, I think the glass jars used to be for olives)

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