Stitch and Bitch Amman

Our chief documenter

Where would we be without Samira? How would we remember what the old stitch and bitch room used to look like, or a day at the Souq al Ard was like, unless she had faithfully documented it all for us?

Here, for the old bitches, are some lovely memories of things made and evenings spent stitching and bitching (all photo credits to Samira – thank you very much!)

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And then, of course, there was the day that we decided to attack and organise the back room. Again, where would we be if we didn’t have photos to remember that day? Thanks again to the marvellous Samira.

And we begin….

One of the advantages of clearing out the back room is coming across those long forgotten items…

Looking a little bit more like a room and less like a stall at Abdali market

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One thought on “Our chief documenter

  1. Wow, now that brings back some great memories. I am digging in my archives for some pics from the original s&b room in winkies ymca alley house!

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