Stitch and Bitch Amman

Rag Rugging

Ever wondered what all those wool balls are for?

The process used to be as follows: Winkie would buy 10,000 jumpers from good-ol’ Abdali market.  Whatever didn’t fit the assembled vultures (I mean bitches) would be relegated to the cutting pile. Anyone without a project (god forbid) would be assigned to cutting up said jumpers into neat little strips. Any of us can tell you that repetitive work like that can be quite therapeutic. 

Ivy working her way through the cutting pile

The colours were separated (I believe that was Rand’s influence) so that our artists could have a full colour pallet at her disposal. 

And then she would begin, like a busy beaver, furiously ragging, or rugging, or whatever the term is.

work in progress


Another amazing rug

So…. anyone feeling inspired? There’s at least another 5 rugs-worth of wool in the stitch and bitch room which we would happily see used up.  Come on, don’t be shy…..

A little update with new photos that have been dug up:

Starting a new rug

Working on rug number 1… or was that already rug number 4…?


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