Stitch and Bitch Amman

Ms Ris and the travelling bunting

Lillie was one of the early stars of Stitch and Bitch, who knew her way around a sewing machine, crochet hook, and just about anything you threw at her, better than anyone else. 

Lillie is also the Queen of Bunting, and here demonstrates that limited time and necessity to travel should in no way prevent a wedding from being adequately decorated.


Lillie made the bunting by machine at home, and then she and her mum attached them to the cord in the car on the way to the wedding.


And on arrival, the bunting proudly decorates a canoe full of beer.


Thank you Lillie!

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2 thoughts on “Ms Ris and the travelling bunting

  1. Lillie I miss you and your buntings and sewings and embroideries and your hooked run is with me and a favorite of Muffin. Ivis

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