Stitch and Bitch Amman


I have been wondering what to do with all the bloody wool in the house: jumpers, felted jumpers, moth-eaten holey jumpers, cut-up-into-strips jumpers, jumpersjumpersjumpers. 

Well.  This is what they do in Amsterdam:

 Ginormously-huge knitted pouffes, anyone? Or squishy carpet made from  felted wool?  

Feeling inspired yet?  How about felted wall hangings? I assure you all, these were images were taken in the very hippest, ultra-coolest design shop in Amsterdam…..

This is a wall display of all the different types of carpets for sale in the shop.  Notice the red square. Yeeeessss. Felted wool.  

Imagine a carpet made entirely out of ribbed felted wool. How delicious.

Right. That’s it. I want to see all the wool in the house used up by the end of the year. No excuses. We have to make room for all the new things we’ll find in Abdali Market.

We also came across a lovely craft shop in Amsterdam that were very happy to hear that we run a stitch and bitch group and were jealous of Abdali Market. Dutch people apparently are not very in to second-hand clothes. I think they are worth a mention here, since they were such nice people: They also run classes at the shop that people can go along to.

More inspiration from Spain coming up when I get my computer back which has the photos on it…..

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4 thoughts on “Amsterdam-spiration

  1. nancy on said:

    What does one do with ginormous pouffles?

  2. Beate on said:

    Are you telling me, woman, that you went to Amsterdam, which is PRACTICALLY AROUND THE CORNER FROM HERE, and never came to visit??? Or even told me to show up there? Tsk, tsk, tsk…

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