Stitch and Bitch Amman

Here we go again….

I’m going to try and update more regularly so that I lose my fear of wordpress.  So, since I still haven’t figured out how to have drop down menus I’ll just have to be content with adding pictures of what we’ve been making recently.  First up is Isabelle’s foot warmer mini-carpet thing which will keep her little toes warm.

Then we had the customary trying on sessions, and of course the famous ironing-board-cover dress was pulled out again (this has become something of a tradition)

And Adassa went home with the prize piece – the most recent find in Abdali market:

Now since my external hard drive is dead and most of my pictures from the past have GONE, if anyone has any pictures of things you made or of the Stitch and Bitch group, send them to me and I (or actually Dani who knows much more about blogging) can put them up.

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5 thoughts on “Here we go again….

  1. winkie on said:

    hello stitchers and bitchers.. greetings from winkie, currently escaped to Tunisia.. will upload S&B stuff when.. IF! .. I get back to UK.

  2. ivis on said:

    Good for you Vanessa. I like the photos mucho. You are off to a good start and when you show me how to put my pictures on line I will send you some old ones – making a throw for Rahghda’s wedding present, for instance, Hopefully. Ivis

  3. Steph on said:

    Hey well done Vanessa, great to see and it’s so wonderful to see the stylish and unforgettable ironing board dress again! I’m currently making a robot for Juju which looks a bit more like a washing machine with eyes. Hmm, may need to rethink.

  4. Samira on said:

    I also modelled the ironing board dress and it’s good to see it still going so strong! Kepp stitching girls.

    • Its one of the few dresses that just keeps turning up again and again – like a bad penny. Samira you must have lots of photos of everyone modelling that dress (including your lovely self). Dig them up and send them over! Plus if you have a photo of those charming slippers you made once…..

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